CV, KSA, and Personal Statements

CV, KSA, and Personal Statements

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Curriculum Vitae; Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities; Personal Statements

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Many federal employers require narratives for KSA’s which increase the relevancy of the application. These are usually written in question and answer form, and some employers have a specific format in which they follow. Let me help you craft a KSA that will meet the recruiter’s specifications.


Unlike the resume, which lists your work history, experiences, education, professional summary and areas of expertise; a CV is a much longer and more comprehensive document. It goes above and beyond the basic resume, and highlights in thoughtful detail your achievements, awards, honors, publications, patents, speaking engagements, blogs, articles, fellowships, internships, etc. A CV can range from three pages and beyond, depending on your professional accolades. Let me help you craft a professionally formatted CV that compiles your qualifications in a polished and professional document.


A personal statement is like a biography and is a written description of one’s achievements, interests, and reasoning for applying to a specific educational program. Often, the institution will give the applicant a topic to write a statement in essay form. During the personal statement process, I will interview the client to obtain detailed information. Let me help you craft a personal statement that will assist you in standing out from other candidates in the application process.