Send me your current resume, and I will be happy to review it for you at no fee.


In an increasingly competitive job market, professional resumes are imperative. It should contain the right information, key words, and quantifiable achievements that make you stand out amongst numerous candidates applying for the same position. With modern technological advances, many companies use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to select candidates. Let me help you craft a resume that will showcase your accomplishments and achievements for ATS and human review.


If you are interested in applying for a job within the federal government and on, a federal resume may be required. A federal resume requires in-depth detail regarding past employment history, salary requirements, employer specifications, and is often a much longer document than a civilian resume. Let me help you craft a resume that will meet federal recruiting standards.

Career Profiles and Applications

LinkedIn Profile

Monster Profile

In today’s innovative world, it is important to have the right tools when job searching. In the current job market, a powerful online presence is important. Hiring managers, clients, and colleagues will without a doubt, at some point, search for you online. LinkedIn and Monster are both helpful tools that give you a cutting-edge advantage in today’s job market. These online platforms are important for establishing a professional network, increasing your visibility, and showcasing your qualifications and skills. They are also valuable for searching and applying to jobs that match your qualifications. Recruiters can also search for candidates like you, and send invitations to apply or interview.

Online Application

Almost all companies have now streamlined the application process so that you can complete and submit applications online. Are you too busy or too overwhelmed to complete the application process yourself? Let me help! I will analyze each online application to ensure specific requirements and deadlines are achieved, and then complete the application for you, so that you don’t miss the chance of landing the job of your dreams!



New Service

Job Hunter Service

Job Hunting can be a job in and of its own. With so many career sites to choose from, the options can become quite overwhelming. Using your key skills, I will research 10 companies that match your qualifications, and provide you with a Job Hunter Service Document that will outline the organizations' contact information, application requirements, benefits and salary, and deadline to apply (if applicable). Once you receive the service document, you can review and select positions in which you would like to send your application and resume. I will continue to work with you until you find 10 companies that match your professional interests.

Job Hunter Service + Completion of 10 Applications

Save $5 per application by purchasing the two services together.


Knowledge, skills and abilities

Many federal employers require narratives for KSA’s which increase the relevancy of the application. These are usually written in question and answer form, and some employers have a specific format in which they follow. Let me help you craft a KSA that will meet the recruiter’s specifications.

Curriculum Vitae

Unlike the resume, which lists your work history, experiences, education, professional summary and areas of expertise; a CV is a much longer and more comprehensive document. It goes above and beyond the basic resume, and highlights in thoughtful detail your achievements, awards, honors, publications, patents, speaking engagements, blogs, articles, fellowships, internships, etc. A CV can range from three pages and beyond, depending on your professional accolades. Let me help you craft a professionally formatted CV that compiles your qualifications in a polished and professional document.

Personal Statement

Personal Statement

A personal statement is like a biography and is a written description of one’s achievements, interests, and reasoning for applying to a specific educational program. Often, the institution will give the applicant a topic to write a statement in essay form. During the personal statement process, I will interview the client to obtain detailed information. Let me help you craft a personal statement that will assist you in standing out from other candidates in the application process.


Cover Letter

A cover letter allows you to introduce yourself and tailor your achievements and successes to each specific job opportunity. Many companies specifically require a cover letter along with the resume. Let me help you craft a professionally written cover letter that will immediately grab the employer’s attention.

Follow-up Letter

Sending a follow-up letter or thank-you letter to the potential employer shows that you are truly interested in the position, and leaves the impression that you are willing to go the extra mile to reach out after the interview. When a recruiter is considering a few good candidates, this could be the magic touch that affects the recruiter’s decision-making process in a good way!


Additional Services

Hard Copy Resume Documents, Printed, and Mailed via USPS

Resumes and cover letters can now conveniently be uploaded to job sites and/or emailed directly to the recruiter or hiring manager. However, there is always the occasion where you may want to deliver a hard copy to the potential employer (at an interview or during a job fair).  With this printing service, your resume will be printed on professional, 100% cotton resume paper, and delivered right to your door via USPS.

Additional Edit (after three)

Each resume service comes with three edits. This excludes any oversight on the writer’s behalf, which Pro Resume Services… et cetera will not count as one of its client’s edits. After the first three edits, if additional edits are required by the client, we charge a minimal fee for the writer’s extended revision time.

Additional Resume (after the first job target)

It is important to focus your job search and therefore your resume on one or maybe two position-types.  That means you must display only the key elements of your background that directly relate to that position.  Many job seekers launch their job search with a generic resume listing all sorts of skills and job duties and seek “something” that sounds good; however, in today’s job market, that process is not optimal and usually will not work. Instead you should identify the position you are seeking, identify the key skills required, and have a resume developed that will identify key words and buzzwords to target a specific position. If you are interested in applying to multiple types of jobs, it is optimal to have more than one focused resume. With this service, you will receive a 20% discount off the price of the first resume.

Additional Cover Letter (after the first)

Let us tailor each cover letter to each job description. By crafting a non-generic, customized cover letter for each role, your chances of grabbing the recruiter's attention will increase.